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Le Climat du Méxique/ The Climate of Mexico/ El Clima de México

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Mexico is situated in the subtropical and temperate regions of North America. The topography of Mexico ranges from lowland coastal to high mountain areas. Mexico's geographic situation and diverse topography lead to variable climatic regimes.

January temperatures range from 5ºC in the North (montane Sonora & Chihuahua) to 28ºC in the South (southern Chiapas). July temperatures range from 13ºC in the montane regions (Mexico) to 31ºC in arid regions like Sonora.

February is dry throughout Mexico with the only significant precipitation falling (<55mm) in Quintana Roo, Yucatan and northwestern Baja California. In June, high precipitation (>400mm) occurs in Veracruz-Llave and southern Chiapas but may be absent in the arid northern Baja California and Sonora.

The variability of the Mexican climate allows this part of Northern America to support a diverse vegetation, including desert, tropical, subtropical, temperate and montane communities.

Introducción en espagñol

Introduction en français

Monthly temperature data (Excel spreadsheet)

Monthly precipitation data (Excel spreadsheet)



january precip.jpg (36529 bytes)
Janvier/ January/ Enero
january temp.jpg (33956 bytes)
february precip.jpg (36287 bytes)
Février/ February/ Febrero
february temp.jpg (33744 bytes)
march precip.jpg (35789 bytes)
Mars/ March/ Marzo
march temp.jpg (34969 bytes)
april precip.jpg (35358 bytes)
Avril/ April/ Abril
april temp.jpg (35447 bytes)
may precip.jpg (36814 bytes)
Mai/ May/ Mayo
may temp.jpg (35727 bytes)
june precip.jpg (36070 bytes)
Juin/ June/ Junio
june temp.jpg (34245 bytes)
july precip.jpg (35918 bytes)
Juillet/ July/ Julio
july temp.jpg (35547 bytes)
august precip.jpg (37009 bytes)
Août/ August/ Agosto
august temp.jpg (35414 bytes)
september precip.jpg (35918 bytes)
Septembre/ September/ Septiembre
september temp.jpg (36242 bytes)
october precip.jpg (37412 bytes)
Octobre/ October/ Octubre
october temp.jpg (35578 bytes)
november precip.jpg (36104 bytes)
Novembre/ November/ Noviembre
november temp.jpg (34447 bytes)
december precip.jpg (37231 bytes)
Décembre/ December/ Deciembre
december temp.jpg (34252 bytes)



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