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The Canadian Pollen Database

Canadian pollen database(101790 bytes)

The Canadian Pollen Database project was initiated in the 1980's by J.C. Ritchie, then at the U of Toronto. Digital files were created of pollen diagrams, mostly from western and northern Canada. Pollen data were entered from the original counts sheets to be used for mapping and quantitative reconstructions of past climates (e.g. Anderson et al., 1989, 1991; Sawada et al., 1999; Gajewski et al., 2000). Many of these data have been already entered into the North American Pollen Database (NAPD). Here we are making available these data in the form of Excel files. Pollen counts, chronology information references and metadata are found in the files. We would like to thank the analysts of these data for their contributions. These data will be available in the NAPD and NEOTOMA; we are making them available here for convenience. For questions or further information, contact Konrad Gajewski.

To download a pollen data file (MS Excel format), click on the site name in the table below.

The original database compilation was funded by an NSERC Strategic grant to JC Ritchie. This page is a contribution of the CSHD Research Network funded by NSERC and AES.

You may wish to download F702Excel, a program which imports NAPD f70 files to Excel format.

Core Sites

Baird lnlet Lofty Lake Porter Lake
Banks Island Cores LR3 PWWL
Bennett Ontario Sites LT1 Reindeer Lake
BN7 Grand Rapids Riding Mountain
CH2 Hanging Lake Sewell Lake
Clearwater Lake John Klondike Lake Site BI02
Cycloid Lake King Quebec/Labrador sites Sleet Lake
Duck Mountain Lake A Somerset Island (RS36; RS29)
Eaglenest Lake Lake B Sulphur Lake
EC2 Lateral Pond Sweet Little Lake
Flin Flon MacDonald Western Canada sites Thompson Lake
GB1 Maria lake Tuk5
Glenboro Northwest Quebec Treeline Twin Tamarack Lake
JR01 KR02 Tyrell
MB01 SL06 BC01
Lac Noir Lac Brule Path Lake

Modern Pollen Sites

Somerset Island Northern Quebec Treeline Arctic surface samples
Ellesmere Island Western Canada  



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