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Data and downloads

Data and programs


North American Modern Pollen Database A database of modern pollen with associated environmental data.
Programs and scripts Useful programs and scripts (Excel, ArcView etc.) for statistics, spatial analysis, GIS and paleo- work
Gridded Arctic climate Data

Contact David Atkinson (U Vic) to get the data from: Atkinson, D and K Gajewski. 2002 High-resolution estimation of surface air temperature in the Canadian High Arctic Journal of Climate 15: 3601-3614.

PCSP database Climate data from the Canadian Arctic based on the Polar Continental Shelf Project weather observation database
Canadian pollen database Pollen diagrams and surface pollen datasets from Canada and the Arctic
Central and South American climate data Databases and maps of the climates of Mexico and South America for use in paleoclimate studies
Limnological and paleolimnological data Physical and chemical limnology of Arctic lakes; paleolimnology of Yukon lakes
Paleoenvironmental reconstructions Data and figures from various paleoenvironmental reconstructions, including estimates of the area supporting Sphagnum-dominated peatlands, lake status for the past 12000 years, dendrochronological data from the Yukon, and millenial-scale temperature reconstructions.
Hobo logger temperature data, Yukon Daily air temperature data from southwestern Yukon and northern British Columbia for 13 July 2006 to 13 June 2012 collected using sixteen Hobo UA-002-64 Pendant data loggers and 2 Environment Canada meteorological stations.
Movie from Chaput et al. (2015) Changes in Holocene population density in North America based on the distribution of radiocarbon dates.
Studies using climate reanalysis data Analysis of July Arctic front in North America.



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