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  • David Atkinson (PhD 2000, Department of Geography , Université d'Ottawa): Topoclimatic modeling of summer surface air temperature in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago
  • Jocelyne Bourgeois (PhD 2000, Département de géographie, Université d'Ottawa): Modern and Holocene pollen assemblages from Arctic Ice Caps
  • Michael Sawada (PhD 2001, Department of Geography , Université d'Ottawa): Late Quaternary paleoclimates and biogeography of North America
  • André Viau (PhD 2003, Département de géographie, Université d'Ottawa): Millennial-scale climate variability in North America during the past 14,000 years
  • Joan Bunbury (PhD 2009, Department of Geography, University of Ottawa): Impact of the White River Ash on aquatic ecosystems of the southwest Yukon
  • Marie-Claude Fortin (PhD 2010, Ottawa-Carleton Institute of Biology): Postglacial Chironomidae population responses to climate-driven variations in lake aquatic productivity in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago
  • Michelle Chaput (PhD 2018, Department of Geography, Environment and Geomatics)

MSc / MA

  • Terri Lacourse (MA 1998, Department of Geography): Postglacial environmental history of Sulphur Lake , southwest Yukon
  • André Viau (MA 1999, Département de géographie): Lake Levels and the Global Hydrological Cycle
  • Nancy Lemay (MSc 2002, Ottawa-Carleton GeoScience Centre): Eastern Ontario climate: trends and variability in the 20 th century
  • Nicole Ayotte (MSc 2002, Department of Geography): White spruce dynamics in the forest-tundra ecotone, Southwest Yukon Territory
  • Rebecca Zalatan (MSc 2002, Department of Geography): Dendroecological analysis of successional dynamics after fire in the Shakwak Trench, southwest Yukon Territory
  • Michelle LeBlanc (MSc 2002, Department of Geography): A diatom-based Holocene paleoenvironmental record from a lake on Boothia Peninsula, central mid Arctic , Nunavut , Canada
  • Giselle Bouchard (MSc 2004, Ottawa-Carleton GeoScience Centre): Freshwater Diatom biogeography of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago
  • Joan Bunbury (MSc 2004, Department of Geography): Modern distribution of freshwater ostracodes in the Southwest Yukon Territory and Northern British Columbia, Canada
  • Johanne Whitmore (MSc 2004, Département de géographie): North American and Greenland modern pollen data for multi-scale paleoecological and paleoclimatic applications
  • Brandi Podritske (MSc 2006, Ottawa-Carleton Institute of Biology): Holocene climate variability and long-term diatom community dynamics in a small lake on Victoria Island, NWT, Canada
  • Susan Zabenskie (MSc 2006, Department of Geography): Postglacial climatic change on Boothia Peninsula , Nunavut , Canada
  • Tara Paull (MSc 2008, Department of Geography): Diatom biodiversity and production in the Arctic
  • Colin Courtney-Mustaphi (MSc 2009, Department of Geography): Analysis of laminated sediments from Lake DV09, northern Devon Island, Nunvut, Canada
  • Matthew Ladd (MSc 2009, Department of Geography): The July Arctic front in North America from ECMWF ERA-40 and NCEP/NCAR reanalysis products
  • Rebecca Ravindra (MSc 2009, Department of Geography): Vegetation and drought reconstruction in the Aishihik region of the Southwest Yukon
  • Tana Stratton (MSc 2009, Department of Geography): Simulating boreal forest response to climate variability in central Canada
  • Samuel Munoz (MSc 2010, Department of Geography, University of Ottawa): The influence of Prehistoric peoples on North American Ecosystems
  • Nathalie Paquette (MSc 2012, Department of Geography): Climatic Change Causes Abrupt Shifts in Forests, Inferred from a High-resolution Lacustrine Record, Southwestern Quebec, Canada
  • Peter Keizer (MSc 2013, Department of Geography): Forest Dynamics in Relation to Late-Holocene Climatic Variability, Eastern Ontario, Canada
  • Karen Neil (MSc 2013, Department of Geography): Human-Ecosystem Interactions in Relation to Holocene Climate Change in Port Joli Harbour, Southwestern Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Karelle Lafontaine-Boyer (MSc 2014, Department of Geography): Dynamiques de la végétation en regard des variabilités climatiques au cours de l'Holocène tardif, Outaouais, Québec.
  • Genevieve Tardif (MSc 2015, Department of Geography): Multivariate Analysis of Canadian Water Quality Data
  • Emily Cooper (MSc 2015, Department of Biology): The Response of Cladoceran Communities to the Climate Changes of the Late Holocene Southwestern Québec


  • Sue Wilson Paleolimnology of Yukon Lakes.
  • David Atkinson Arctic climatology and paleoclimatology.
  • André Viau Global paleoclimate reconstruction.
  • Sarah Finkelstein Northern paleoecology.
  • Matthew Peros Northern paleoecology.

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