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LPC reports

2016 Powerpoints

1) Reconstructing Past Climates & Holocene Climates

2) Reconstructing past human populations using radiocarbon databases


Climate Change


Climate Maps

Modern Pollen-Vegetation Relations

  • Towards Improved Paleoclimate Estimates: The modern pollen vegetation relation by M. Sawada , K. Gajewski and P. Richard
    Describes first attempts to approximate pollen-samples view of surrounding vegetation using various distance weighting techniques including inverse distance, inverse-distance squared, dispersal weigthing based on diffussion from a ground level source, anisotropic source areas based on dominant wind direciton and unweighted scenarios with results.

Spatial Statistics

Cellular Automata

Data Logger Programming

  • Datalogger Programming and Practice with the Campbell 21x by M. Sawada
    Gives a detailed overview with a fictitous objective for programming a Campbell datalogger using a UDB01 snow sensor, thermocouples, tipping bucket raingauge, potentiometer and battery life. Includes equations and conversion etc.

Technical Solutions Series

  • Climate data methods and analysis (M. Ladd): Describes methods for (1) creating a temperature anomaly map in ArcGIS from ERA-40 reanalysis data, (2) creating a wind direction contour map in ArcGIS using WindSpeedTools extension and reanalysis data in NetCDF format, (3) creating a long term mean temperature map in ArcGIS using the North American Regional Reanalysis 2m temperature data, (4) reading GRIB data into the Grid Analysis and Display System (GRADS) and (5) converting GRIB data for use in ArcGIS using TKdegrib software.
  • Importing and displaying geological maps from the Geological Survey of Canada "Geological Map of Canada" (Map D1860A ver. 1.0, Jan 97 on CD-ROM) using IDRISI GIS for Windows ver. 2 by D.E. Atkinson
    Describes the process of importing into IDRISI GIS the maps found on the CD-ROM entitled, "Geological Map of Canada", issued by the Geological Survey of Canada. Tasks discussed include importing the maps, reprojection, conversion from vector to raster, colourizing, linking to an attribute database and superposition of a vector coastline map for reference.




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