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LPC funding

Funding for the LPC comes primarily from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) of Canada. The research programme is funded by NSERC Science Grants to K. Gajewski and to A Viau.

Treeline research was also funded by the NSERC Special Collaborative "Paleoecological Analysis of the Circumpolar Treeline" (PACT) Project, which finished in 1998 and research in the Yukon was funded by an NSERC Collaborative Research Opportunity (CRO) on the paleoecology of Beringia, which finished in 2005. Arctic research was also funded by a CFCAS project, Arctic Climate Variability on Several Timescales (ACVAST), described elsewhere on these pages .

Large-scale paleoclimatology projects were funded by the NSERC Research Network"Climate System History and Dynamics" (CSHD) programme and by our involvement in the CFCAS-funded Polar Climate Stability Network (PCSN), described on the website.

Funding for work on arctic climate and for rescue of non-standard climate data sets came from the Climate Change Action Fund (CCAF) of the Atmospheric Environment Service (AES). Additional funding for fieldwork in the Arctic comes from the Polar Continental Shelf Project (PCSP) and for northern work by the Northern Scientific Training Program (NSTP).

The new computer facilities were funded by a CFI grant and matching funds from Ontario and he University.




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